Klich strikes first for Leeds against Burnley

Mateusz Klich capitalizes on a smart advantage from the referee and finds the bottom corner with a pinpoint long-range effort to put Leeds United in front of Burnley.

Video Transcript

- Raphinha. There's an off-the-ball incident there involving Bamford and Tarkowski, and the referee acknowledges he may have seen it and offers the advantage to Leeds United. Mateusz Klich takes advantage for Leeds United!

What a fantastic finish that was. Diversions created all around him. He was precise and to the point, and it gives Leeds United the lead with what? 90 seconds to halftime.

- Burnley are complaining. But the check is complete, and it's a goal. It stands. It was right back there, initially, Raphinha, and he got it all going. And then Bamford had that incident with Tarkowski, but he was up and got on with it.

What I love about this, now, is he's weighing up the options, Klich, and then he decides, hang on a minute. I've got a little bit room here. I can get it back on my right foot and then just see if I can slide it into the corner. And he does exactly that.

And it's a wonderful goal. And you could say as well that he's used Tarkowski, on this occasion, as the shield. And it was a little more difficult for the keeper to see where he was gonna plant it, and that's a little beauty.