Klink review

Download.com staff

Integrating Salesforce and social data into your call screen, Klink reveals which customer is calling, even if they aren't in your address book. What's more, it lets you access insights and notes to review your customer data more quickly.


Useful info: By filling your call screen with the caller's company and position, location, and, when Salesforce is active, contract or project details, Klink better prepares you for your customers.

Salesforce integration: With Salesforce integration, you'll get a lot of customer relation management (CRM) data including customer details, past contracts, current projects, stats, and more, which can strengthen relationships and close deals.

Smart: It works with callers outside your address book and features dynamic insights, such as social updates.


Limited Salesforce editions: If your Salesforce version isn't supported, you'll lose most of the app's functionality. Although you'll still get useful caller info, you won't be able to keep track of your contracts as easily.

Demands a lot of private data: Klink requires your work emails and passwords and social media account info to be effective.

Bottom Line

Klink works as advertised, serving you all the essential caller data. It's a powerful tool that can increase your sales if you integrate it with Salesforce. Without Salesforce integration, however, it's a far less exciting app.

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