Knicks fan gets Zion Williamson tattoo, learns Pelicans will get to draft Duke star instead

A diehard New York Knicks fan jumped the gun by getting a tattoo of Zion Williamson's name with the team's logo, only to learn that the New Orleans Pelicans won the number 1 pick and, presumably, the right to pick up the heavily sought-after Duke superstar at last night's NBA Draft Lottery.

In a viral three-second clip that was posted on Twitter Tuesday, an unidentified woman shows off the tattoo on her ankle. 

Unfortunately, the Knicks landed the number 3 pick later that night, just behind the Pelicans and Memphis Grizzlies.

The Knicks, which had the worst regular season record at 17-65, had a 14 percent chance of acquiring the top pick during last night's lottery. The Pelicans and Grizzlies each had a six percent shot. Rumors had claimed that the Knicks would have been willing to trade their pick for Anthony Davis, the Pelicans' disgruntled star, had they won the lottery. 

Williamson, who is widely projected to be the number 1 pick, was reportedly disappointed last night when he learned that the Pelicans earned the right to draft him, according to ESPN's Marc J. Spears. The Duke forward had previously said in interviews that he would have loved to play for the Knicks. 

"I know that they’re a very historic-like team," Williamson told the New York Post in March. "They have a lot of history based off of. I mean, if they draft me, it’d be an honor to play for them."

Following the lottery, several social media clips showed Knicks fans expressing their frustration. In one clip, an excited Knicks fan celebrates when he learns that the Los Angeles Lakers have the number 4 pick. He later sulks when his team gets the number 3 pick. 

Another video shows a fan banging the floor in disgust.

Still, Knicks fans can find some consolation in the fact that their team still has a shot at landing one of two other highly regarded college stars: Murray State's Ja Morant and Duke's R.J. Barrett. 

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