Knicks have touched base with the Knicks about Jalen Brunson

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When asked about Jalen Brunson’s pending free agency and potential trade market, Begley stated the Knicks ‘have at least touched base’ with the Mavericks about Brunson. Begley also mentioned there’s at least one more team willing to make him an offer ‘north of $20 million’ in free agency. “Jalen Brunson, for many different reasons, has been on the Knick radar for a while now. He’s got plenty of connections to the Knicks. So I know the Knicks, at the very least, have touched based with Dallas on Brunson and I can’t tell you what it would take to pry Brunson from Dallas from a Knick perspective. I’m not sure on that.
Source: Grant Afseth @ Sports Illustrated

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Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan
Jalen Brunson, looking at the Mavs’ box score and realizing he and Luka combined for 26 assists to 3 turnovers (all by Luka 🙃):
“That’s big-time. I didn’t realize. Jeeze. Yeah that’s big.” – 1:01 AM

Michael Scotto @MikeAScotto
The Pacers aren’t moving Domantas Sabonis unless they get a Nikola Vucevic type of package in return. More on Sabonis, James Harden, Ben Simmons, Robert Covington, Eric Gordon, Jalen Brunson, and others with colleague @Yossi Gozlan on the @Jorge Sierra podcast…10:56 AM

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But I do know he’s a highly sought after player and if he does hit unrestricted free agency, I can say pretty confidently there’s at least one other team prepared to give him an offer north of $20 million per year. So it’s an interesting situation with Dallas. Is Dallas prepared to pay him that kind of money? How do they see that salary fitting in with the rest of the money they will owe the rest of the players on the roster including obviously Luka Doncic?” -via Sports Illustrated / January 28, 2022

Scotto: I’ve heard Jalen Brunson has some admirers in Detroit. They have cap space and are a team to keep an eye on towards the summer. If Dallas is able to enter the mix for Jerami Grant and acquire him, don’t be surprised if either Brunson or Finney-Smith is involved in a trade package. If Dallas is going to part with either player, they’re going to want an asset that helps them win now. -via HoopsHype / January 26, 2022

Complicating matters is that the Mavericks’ most tradeable players, i.e. the players who sources say are generating the most interest around the league, are Jalen Brunson and Dorian Finney-Smith, who are in the final years of their respective contracts. -via Dallas Morning News / January 17, 2022

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