Knicks vs Clippers: Thibodeau, Randle, Rose on 106-100 win, how team's changed | Knicks Post Game

After beating the Clippers 106-100, Julius Randle and Tom Thibodeau reflect on the last time the two teams met and what has changed for this Knicks squad since then.

Video Transcript

TOM THIBODEAU: The heart of the team has been special since the beginning. So there's an appreciation for that. And as you mentioned, the challenge for us is to be hungry and don't change now. This is what we've done all year. Just concentrate on improvement and the next opponent. And that's what we're looking forward to doing.

I think we're learning a lot on this trip, and we've learned a lot all season long as the season has progressed. And the toughness to win on the road and to be playing against these teams, it's telling us a lot that there's still a long way to go.

JULIUS RANDLE: I mean, I think it just shows our growth throughout the course of the year. I think at the beginning of the year, knew that we can compete with anybody, as long as we stay to our principles and play together as a team. And now we feel like we can beat anybody.

We have confidence as a team, and we'll win a game. And anybody can step up. And I think that's the community of our team. Derek played extremely well. Reggie played well. RJ hit big shots down the stretch. Todd, everybody's contributing.

DERRICK ROSE: You hit big shots. You not going to unplug it, so.

JULIUS RANDLE: Yeah, but that's the beauty of our team, man. Any given moment, anybody can step up. So that's the growth throughout the course of the year. So I keep it going.

RJ BARRETT: We know that in the fourth quarter the intensity is going to be different. Intensity is going to be different. D Rose did a hell of a job in the first half. And, you know, Bullock, he stepped up huge all game today. And Jude, I mean, Jude wasn't shooting it. He wasn't shooting the ball all night, and then comes up clutch and makes those big shots at the end and gets 14 rebounds. I mean, you know, collectively as a unit, we did a great job.

DERRICK ROSE: We know that we're not finished with what we're doing. We have a goal. We want to keep getting better along the way, like tonight, coming out and playing in the second half with that urgency that we played in the first half. And like I said, you going to have ups and downs. But as long as we're all out there communicating and having one common goal, everything should take care of itself. And hustling and playing for each other, everything should be good.

But yo, I mean, that would be big, but at the same time, we know that Thibs always talk about finishing that. I mean, going through the line, the finish line. And we got to do our jobs by making sure that we're sharp, making sure that we got a keen type of focus, and just knowing that we're playing for each other. So it's all about just playing the game.