Knife-wielding man stabs person on morning walk because it ‘felt good,’ Texas cops say

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A Texas man accused of sneaking up on a man out for his morning walk and stabbing him multiple times, for no apparent reason, told investigators it “felt good,” police say.

Bexar County sheriff’s deputies arrested 23-year-old Aldo Martinez Rios late Wednesday night, Sheriff Javier Salazar said Thursday.

Rios is accused of ambushing a 50-year-old San Antonio resident who was “minding his own business,” walking in his neighborhood around 10 a.m. Tuesday.

Doorbell camera video captured much of the attack, Salazar said, and shows Rios walking behind the victim at a distance, “stalking him” for a time before covering his face with a bandanna, and running up behind the man.

The victim survived with “serious injuries” and had to undergo surgery, Salazar said, but deputies were able to get some information from him about the attack.

“He was just out for his morning walk and felt like somebody punched him from behind,” Salazar said. He turned around to see who hit him and was “punched” two more times before he realized the situation was much more serious.

“He noticed that the person actually had a knife in his hand and was not punching him, but was in fact stabbing him,” Salazar said.

The man fought back, trying to defend himself from Rios, who began slashing away at his arms, Salazar said. Rios ran away, leaving the victim with multiple stab wounds to his body and cuts on his arms.

Deputies began going door to door through the neighborhood, and the sheriff’s office released doorbell video of the unknown assailant, later identified as Rios.

Salazar said he was “worried” after the stabbing and pushed his detectives to find the suspect quickly.

“Attacking a large adult male in broad daylight told me this suspect was pretty brazen,” the sheriff said.

The video evidence was blurry and the suspect’s face was covered, but some neighborhood residents were quick to tell investigators of a “troubled” young man who lived in the area, Salazar said. He was known to act aggressively at times, even when unprovoked. He had been seen throwing rocks at people as they passed by, officials said.

Deputies soon realized the sheriff’s office had run-ins with this man before, Salazar said, and had bodycam video of him from those previous incidents.

“He is no stranger to our mental health deputies,” Salazar said.

Investigators compared the doorbell video of the stabbing suspect to older bodycam footage and saw striking similarities, he said.

They went to a home in the area to confront Rios and he told them he was behind the stabbing, Salazar said. Rios said the attack was planned, something he had been wanting to do for some time, the sheriff said.

“He went on to tell us that he felt good after the attack,” Salazar said.

Rios was arrested on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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