Knott's Berry Farm Reopens In Time To Celebrate 100th Anniversary

Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park is reopening in time to celebrate its 100th anniversary. The park will reopen to season passholders Thursday, two weeks ahead of its grand reopening to the entire public.

Video Transcript

- A summer of fun, though, is waiting for you, DeMarco, at Knott's Berry Farm. The park is reopening in time to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

- I'll take it. The official grand opening is in two weeks, but this morning, season pass holders will be the first to see what's new. And CBS 2's Tina Patel is live in Buena Park with a look at what visitors can expect this time around. Tina, good morning to you.

- Hi.

TINA PATEL: Good morning. So exciting, it's a day that a lot of people have been waiting for. And just having the park reopened would be enough, but as you said, this year is celebrating its 100th anniversary and so they are really excited about opening up to everybody and celebrating the past. Karl is with me this morning, and you were just saying that there is such a history. People who grew up in Southern California remember the old rides, remember the old characters and that's part of what we're celebrating here with what you have, right?

KARL BUSH: Absolutely. We're celebrating what we call their Knott's Berry Farm, the memories of what happened in their lives and their family's lives, so bringing back Beary Tales, one of our iconic rides that we've ever had, has been a big help for us. It's amazing.

TINA PATEL: And you guys, these characters-- this is-- remind me?

KARL BUSH: This is Crafty. Crafty Coyote.

TINA PATEL: So he-- it's been 35 years since we saw him in a ride but he's been busy and he's still up to trying to steal boysenberry?

KARL BUSH: Boysenberry pie. He's all about that, because the Beary-- the Beary Tale family, what they're doing is they're going to the fair to win the-- the fair contest. So now he's going to the fair and he's going to basically get those pies.

TINA PATEL: And we have video that shows the new ride that is opening, and it is an update of the story from 35 years ago, but of course, in all of that time technology has improved so there's a lot more animation, new characters and it is an interactive ride. So the hope is-- is that new families and new kids will come and they'll just start to love these characters as much as the ones--

KARL BUSH: Make it a part of their family histories and everything, because we're all about family. I mean, even Crafty after 30 has six new pup kids, so it's all about family here at Knott's.

TINA PATEL: That's something to look forward to. I also want to show you a little bit of video that shows the safety measures that have been taken over the past year, because I know that that is a concern for a lot of people. Coming back to these places but making sure that it's going to be safe for them to come back and-- and feel like they are OK being around crowds again. So we do want to tell you that there is going to be attendance limits, that's like it is at every theme park in California right now.

People do need to wear masks and there's been a lot of efforts in the park to keep people socially distanced. There's a lot more cleaning going on. So as we come back out here live, when people come, whether they're season pass holders and they get to come today or whether they have to wait a couple of weeks for that grand reopening, people are going to be safe here. And hopefully they'll just be happy to have a place that reminds them of when they were young and then they can feel young again.

And Suzanne, I know that you are a Southern California native, so we weren't picking on you earlier saying that you remember all this. It's just that I didn't live here when I was younger, so to me, it's still kind of new.

- Nah, we were picking on her, Tina. We always go after Suzanne when we can.

- That's very nice of you. I had my dukes up. I'm like, yes, I was there for the grand opening way back when everything was in black and white. It was fantastic.

- All right, Tina, thank you very much. We appreciate it.

- We didn't have to social distance back then. I can keep going.

- Not at all.