What To Know About 2 Federal Mass Vaccination Hubs Opening In North Texas

The sites will be opening later this month at Fair Park in Dallas and AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

Video Transcript

- --federal government is stepping in to bring three massive vaccination sites right here to Texas. And two of those are going to be here in the DFW area. Ken Molestina spoke to a White House official who offered details on how all of this is going to work.

KEN MOLESTINA: The federal government is calling the massive sites "community vaccination centers," or CVCs. Three of them will be open across Texas later this month, according to White House officials. The sites will be Fair Park in Dallas, AT&T Stadium in Arlington, and NRG Stadium in Houston.

TJ DUCKLO: It's about shots in arms. It's about making sure that folks get vaccinated as quickly as possible, so that we can get the virus under control and get life back to normal.

KEN MOLESTINA: TJ Ducklo is the deputy White House Press Secretary, and says their goal is to offer 10,000 vaccines a day. This will be in addition to what the state is already offering.

TJ DUCKLO: These sites are meant to supplement the work that's being done at the state level. The President, just having been in office just a few weeks, has already increased the number of vaccines that we are pushing out to states.

- What are you forecasting as far as a timeline for when most Americans, if not all Americans, will have the opportunity to get that vaccine?

TJ DUCKLO: The President set out a goal of getting 100 million vaccinations done in his first 100 days. We are on path to meet that goal. But we're not going to stop until every single American is vaccinated and we can get life back to normal. You know, the reality is that's still going to take a number of months.

KEN MOLESTINA: White House officials say they're targeting areas disproportionately affected by the virus. Pharmacies across the country will also start to get increased deliveries of the vaccine.

TJ DUCKLO: We have launched in the last week a pilot program to distribute vaccines directly to pharmacies, about a million a week, that are going across the country.

KEN MOLESTINA: I'm Ken Molestina, CBS 11 News.

- So the other thing you should know, the sites are going to be operated by FEMA. And while the sign-up process is not known just yet, Governor Abbott says that we can expect the centers to open on the 24th of February. And yes, as soon as we know anything about sign-up, we're going to share that with you immediately.