‘We Know What You’re Doing’ website outs drug users, boss-haters and more on Facebook

Zach Epstein
Dumbest thief ever logs into Facebook on victim’s computer during burglary, forgets to log out

Facebook’s repeated privacy snafus always make the news and cause a stir among users, but a surprising number of Facebook members throw caution to the wind when it comes to online privacy. As noted by Digital Trends, a new website dubbed “We Know What You’re Doing” uses Facebook’s Graph API to collect public status updates that likely shouldn’t be made public, and then displays them for all the world to see. Under headings like “Who wants to get fired?” and “Who’s taking drugs?” the site shows us just how careless people can be on Facebook. A few gems: “Totally hungover don’t like it HELP.” -Claire D. “God is peace and love# God smoke cannabis!!! :o.” -Rahim L. ”Im getting so mad right now I hate my boss Jay I hope he dies better yet I feel like killin him if you in a bad mood don’t take it out on everyone at the job like wtf its way to hot to take your s**t-_-.” -Anastasia R.

[Via Digital Trends]


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