What to know as early voting for March primaries starts on Tuesday

TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Early voting for the March Primary elections begins on Tuesday and it’s important to be prepared before you head to the polls.

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“There’s a lot of locations you can choose from,” said Michelle Allcon, elections administrator with Smith County.

On Friday, workers loaded up trucks with voting equipment for polling locations.

There are a total of 35 voting locations that are set up at various churches, schools and other community centers throughout Smith County to give voters the chance to make their voice heard.

“The primary allows voters to make a determination of which of the those candidates they want to see on the November ballot against the other party’s candidates,” Allcon said.

If you are registered and planning to vote, it’s important to know what you need to bring when you get to your polling place. A photo ID is a must.

Votetexas.gov. Four of the ID’s on here are issued by DPS. The other three are not. So, if you’re a voter who’s moved here from out of state, please check this to see if you have any of these ID’s yet,” Allcon said.

Here’s what voters should expect before they start casting their ballots.

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“They’re issued what we call a paper ballot card,” added Allcon. “They take that card to a ballot marking device the ‘Express Vote’. They place that card into the Express Vote and that pulls up their ballot and allows them to select their candidates for whatever office.”

If you make a wrong selection by accident there’s no need to worry.

“They can actually get a new ballot card,” Allcon said. “They don’t have to cast it with the information incorrect on there.”

If you prefer casting your ballots by mail, the last day to submit an application for a mail-in ballot is Feb. 23.

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