Get to know some of Harlem’s most fashionable residents


New York City’s Harlem is known for its vibrant culture, history and community — along with bold, creative streetwear. In this episode of ITK: Fit Check, our host and resident fashionista, Aimee Kelly (@byaimeekelly), takes a stroll through the iconic neighborhood to meet some of the fashionistas setting new trends in the area.

First, Aimee chats with Osa Omu, a local resident donning thrifted cargo pants, a cropped I.AM.GIA hoodie and Rick Owens sneakers. “I love cargos. You can dress it up, you can dress it down… it’s just an essential piece,” she says.

“Everything I have on is basically thrifted,” another New Yorker, Keith, tells Aimee. Keith wears a beige H&M jacket, black Zara turtleneck, distressed Topshop jeans and Nike sneakers. “I love wearing a mixture of men’s and women’s clothing in my aesthetic,” Keith explains.

“Do you think that Harlem, in any way, has influenced your style?” Aimee asks.

“My style has definitely changed, moving from Atlanta to Harlem,” Keith says. “I feel like I can express myself a little more up here. I feel inspired every day to dress nice because I know that I’m going to see someone that inspires me.”

“What do you love about Harlem?” Aimee asks another New Yorker, Ji’len, who is wearing clothing designed by himself and a friend’s brand.

“I love the culture of Harlem and all the creativity here. It definitely pushes me to want to make my own clothes.”

Watch the latest installment of ITK: Fit Check to see out these fits and more looks found in Harlem.

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