“We know what we can do”: Lake View Baseball ready to bounce back this season and make themselves known

SAN ANGELO, Texas — It’s time to stock up on the sunflower seeds and get ready for the dingers, as there’s plenty of excitement from the Chiefs Baseball team, an experienced group that looks to bounce back after a sub-five hundred season.

“We put in a lot of work this year, if I’m being honest, and I mean, everyone on this field over here. They worked hard during the off-season, and we’re about to show everyone what we really did,” said Chiefs senior Izayah Cruz, who plays infielder, short stop, third basemen, and pitcher.

“The number one thing is that we believe that iron sharpens iron, so from day one you could see the competitive edge in all of these kids, that they knew that either their job from last year was on the line or somebody’s coming for their job, or they’re fighting to keep their job, so it’s been extremely competitive and the energy has been high every day,” said Chiefs head baseball coach, Jace Hall.

And when their season came to an end, they immediately went into the off-season, and their work is already paying off, just one week before they open the season.

“Well, it really wasn’t an off-season for some of us football players, but other than that, I know these baseball players really got after it,” said Wyatt Henry, senior Chiefs utility player. “I know the point of us is just trying to get healthy, that’s really what we were trying to plan on, we’re just trying to get past that first round.”

Just like any team, Lake View still has areas they need to grow on, but for the strength of the Chiefs, they’re in agreement, this team can stand up to the best.

“We’re pretty deep on every position. I would say our strength is and probably our defense. We really get after it on the defensive side, we can hit the ball too, and pitching’s a must, so I’ll say everything really,” said Cruz.

“Our depth is looking really strong. I mean, we got a bunch of upperclassmen that’s really going to step in and kind of take the role,” said Henry.

“I would say our number one strength with this team is pitching, and I think as long as we throw strikes and play solid defense behind it, I don’t think we’re going to have a problem with scoring runs,” said Coach Hall.

The Chiefs are using last year as motivation, as they believed it was their year then, but maybe, just maybe – that year is now.

“We know what we are,” said Cruz. “We know what we can do, and like I said, we’re going to prove it this year.”

“We just got to get over that hump of just playing every game like it’s our last, we’re really just, we’re just right there, we just need a little bit more, just kind of give it all we got,” said Henry.

The Chiefs will start their 2023-2024 season, February 6th, in a scrimmage against the reigning 3A State finalist, the Wall Hawks.

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