Know the Road: End speed limit signs

When a sign says that a speed limit is ending, how fast are you allowed to go after that sign if no other speed limit is posted?

Video Transcript


BRANDON JOHANSEN: So Katrina reached out with a question this week, wanting to know what do end speed limit signs mean for you the driver when there's not another speed limit sign posted. For example, she often sees a sign that says end speed limit 40. But there is not another speed limit sign after that saying what the speed limit is. So our question is, what exactly is the speed limit after you see those end speed limit signs?

BRIAN PENNINGS: So if you have a roadway that is a two-way two-lane highway, like the one that's right next to me, here that's undivided. The California Vehicle Code says, that speed limit on that roadway is 55 miles per hour. Unless there's a traffic engineering survey that constitutes a lower speed limit and establishes it through a scientifically validated study. It's called a traffic engineering survey. So if you see a sign that says the speed limit ends, with whatever numeric value was posted for that speed limit, that means that it goes back to the official speed limit on a two lane roadway, which would be 55 miles per hour. If it's a multi-lane divided highway it's 65 miles per hour.