What You Should Know Before Trying TikTok's Viral Fruit Roll-Up Hack

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tiktok frozen fruit rollup hack
I Tried The Frozen Fruit Roll-Up HackAllison Arnold

Every '90s kid knows the telltale smell and sound of unfurling a Fruit Roll-Up from its plastic sheet. I can't remember the last time I indulged in a Fruit Roll-Up...maybe grade school? So when I came across the frozen Fruit Roll-Up and ice cream hack trending on TikTok, I had to try it—who knew the sticky snack was still being produced?

In 2021, the frozen Fruit Roll-Up hack went viral, but this one is an updated version with ice cream. I went to my local supermarket, worried I wouldn't be able to find my favorite childhood snack, only to realize "fruit snacks" is listed on an aisle sign with shelves of Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups, and cartoon character fruit snacks. And to think I thought Fruit Roll-Ups were dead. Now the real dilemma: deciding which flavor. I opted for Tropical Tie-Dye and then grabbed a pint of strawberry ice cream like this this user did, but you could even use mochi, like @allukasakura.

Many of the videos I saw on TikTok involved wrapping the Fruit Roll-Up around ice cream in a dumpling-like shape, so I thought I'd give it a try.

tiktok frozen fruit rollup hack
Allison Arnold

It's fairy simple—just pull each of the four corners into the center. You'll notice as you add the ice cream, the Fruit Roll-Up becomes hard, making it crunchy and quite messy when you take a bite.

tiktok frozen fruit rollup hack
First try, followed by a much cleaner second try.Allison Arnold

Between the tropical-fruit Fruit Roll-Up and strawberry ice cream, there was a lot going on flavor-wise. I would probably opt for vanilla ice cream instead. To troubleshoot the messiness, I decided to roll the ice cream into the Fruit Roll-Up like @golisdream, and I had a much better experience.

tiktok frozen fruit rollup hack
Take three.Allison Arnold

My biggest qualm? It gets stuck in your teeth—badly. The hardened Fruit Roll-Up literally hardens onto your teeth, so you might want to reconsider trying it if you're weary of the dentist.

Would I do it again? Probably not. But it's worth trying for the nostalgia factor, or if you just really want to live on the edge in terms of your dental health. My tips: really consider the flavor combination and rollup the ice cream—I mean, that's what Fruit Roll-Ups are for, right?

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