Koala Baby Cuddling His Mother In Surgery Is Just Adorable

Phantom clings onto his mother Lizzy as she undergoes surgery (Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital)

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This six-month-old koala joey was not going to stop cuddling its mother despite the fact vets were attempting to treat her collapsed lung.

Both Lizzy and her son, Phantom had been rushed to Australia Zoo’s wildlife hospital after being hit by a car west of Brisbane.

Neither koalas broke any bones, with Phantom surviving the incident virtually untouched.

Mother Lizzy’s lung had to be drained and she is currently recovering on a course of antibiotics.

Baby Phantom stayed at his mother’s side throughout the procedure, even snuggling up to an anaesthetised Lizzy.

Hospital vet nurse, Jamie-Lynn Nevers told the Courier Mail: ‘Lizzy is in recovery and we’re happy to say she is going well.

‘It’s so rewarding to see patients like Lizzy doing well.’

Close bond: Mother and son together (Australia Zoo)