Kokomo artist to appear in Newfields' Loom exhibit

Feb. 25—Work from a Kokomo artist will soon be featured alongside the work of Monet and his contemporary French impressionist companions.

Jessica Dunn's digital art is set to appear in the Newfields Loom exhibit starting with an April 7 launch party.

Working with ambient musician Landon Caldwell, the two created what Dunn described as an "immersive audio-visual dreamscape inspired by the natural world."

The two artists began by discussing the concept they wanted to present.

"As artists, we're both interested in the environment and our relationship to it," Dunn said. "We wanted to create some kind of natural world."

With a segment of the 30,000-square-foot gallery space to fill, Dunn and Caldwell decided to create miniature environments for guests to explore. Each one is inspired by sites found across Indiana the artists have visited during hikes.

Dunn explained she took reference photos and videos for most of the landscapes that appear in the exhibit. Those familiar with Indianapolis parks, such as the Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park (which is near Newfields) and the downtown banks of White River, might recognize a few scenes in the gallery.

Visitors shouldn't expect a photography exhibit, though.

"I like to incorporate a level of abstraction in my work, especially with color. I like to make things really vivid and vibrant," Dunn said. "Kind of dreamlike, but representational enough to where you can tell what it is."

The artist also likes to work with different points of view. There are some environments that put the viewer underwater, or place them in a forced perspective that makes caterpillars seem to stretch on longer than they should.

Dunn gave Caldwell a map of the different environments she planned to represent so he could compose music that would resemble the art projected on the exhibit's walls.

Thinking back to days at Kokomo High School, Dunn said she was thankful for the art teachers who pushed her to pursue art — teachers like Deb Edwards, Karen Foust and Skye Dukes.

Dunn said she's been a full-time artist for about 10 years now.

"I almost went to med school," Dunn said. "I'm glad that I went with what I love to do."

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