Kool-Aid Released An Area 51 Flavor And It Might Be The Most Extra Thing Ever

Courtney Iseman
Photo credit: Kool-Aid

From Delish

Storm Area 51 may have been a hoax, but the potential for brands to capitalize on our collective fascination with all things extraterrestrial is very real. You may not get to “see them aliens” this weekend, but you do have a chance of drinking Kool-Aid’s UFO-Yeah Intergalactic green flavor, the perfect cross between nostalgia and pop culture moments.

UFO-Yeah Intergalactic Green is definitely alien-themed. It is after all green, for one, with an alien print on its label. It’s also being unveiled on the weekend of Storm Area 51, even though there is no explicit tie-in to the event in Kool-Aid’s promotion of the new flavor.

Bustle tried to guess what “Intergalactic Green” might actually taste like, and we’re as in the dark as they are. Is it green apple? Lime? Or, like Kool-Aid’s Ecto-Cooler, which was green but tasted like tangerine, are the possibilities pretty endless?

UFO-Yeah is limited edition—very limited edition. There are 900 canisters and the race to get your hands on one started yesterday on Twitter. Regardless of if you're storming or not, all you have to do is follow the Kool-Aid Man on Twitter and tweet with the hashtags #UFOYeah and #promo. We wish you all the best in your mission.

Still, we’d rather take our chances on vying for a canister of UFO-Yeah. Even if we have no idea what it is.

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