Kourtney Kardashian Took a Style Cue from Sister Kim with Her Latest Swimwear Look

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Gloves? At the beach? That would be a resounding 'yes' from the Kardashian sisters.

After Kim paired her nude bikini with matching opera gloves during her Sports Illustrated cover shoot this spring, Kourtney took a page out of her younger sister's style book and elevated her black zip-up bathing suit with a pair of stretchy, statement-making gloves. The unexpected swim accessory is part of Kim's new SKIMs Swim collection, and Kourtney teamed them with a black life jacket and wet, slicked-back hair.

"i💙lake life," Kardashian captioned a carousel of her latest swimwear look on Instagram. In one photo, she climbed onto the back of a boat post-swim, and in the next slide, she posed in her chic one-piece suit with her glove-adorned arms behind her head.

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Kourtney Kardashian Swimsuit and Opera Gloves
Kourtney Kardashian Swimsuit and Opera Gloves


Back in July, Kim spoke with Vogue about her new swim launch, admitting that waterproof, elbow-length gloves are one of her "favorite additions" to the lineup. "We made a custom pair for my Sports Illustrated shoot, and I posted images wearing them. Everyone was commenting and asking me about where to get them, so I just knew we had to add them to the line," she told the magazine, adding: "They're made in the same waterproof, quick-drying material as the entire collection, and you can really wear them anywhere." In water — or, on land.