The Kremlin allegedly does not know where Medvedchuk is now

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Dmitry Peskov, Russian presidential press secretary, said that he does not know whether Vladimir Putin communicated with Viktor Medvedchuk [Ukrainian businessman and pro-Russian politician, whose daughter Putin is godfather to – ed.], who was exchanged on 21 September.

Source: Peskov at a briefing on Friday, InterfaxRIA Novosti

Details: "I don't have this information," Peskov said, answering a corresponding question.

He was asked if the Kremlin knew where Medvedchuk was now. "No," Peskov said.

The press secretary was also asked if he could confirm the information that Medvedchuk's exchange took place.

"I don't comment. I do not give information on the topic of the exchange," Peskov said.

At the same time, according to him, "we can only welcome"  the exchange of the Russian military.

Quote from Peskov: "Every exchange is the result of very, very difficult work, very painstaking, complex, active work. In any case, we can only welcome the return of people from the dungeons of the Kyiv regime, especially our guys."


  • On 21 September  as part of an exchange with the Russian invaders, negotiators managed to have 215 Ukrainian defenders released. Viktor Medvedchuk [Ukrainian businessman and pro-Russian politician whose daughter Putin is godfather to – ed.], and 55 Russian invaders were returned to Russia.

  • Zelenskyy said that Medvedchuk passed through all the investigative actions provided for by law, and "it's not a pity to give him away".

  • Prosecutor general Andrii Kostin noted that Medvedchuk's testimony was documented, he was transferred from a Ukrainian prison to "a larger prison, which is called the Russian Federation".

  • On 22 September, the acting head of the SSU Vasyl Malysh said that Medvedchuk's exchange took place by a court decision and according to a statement written by Medvedchuk.

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