Kremlin expectedly states not to consider tribunal on Russian crimes "legitimate"

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Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, said that the Kremlin would condemn the creation of a special tribunal to investigate Russia's crimes.

Source: Interfax, a Kremlin-aligned news outlet

Quote from Peskov: "As for the attempts to establish any tribunals, they will not have any legitimacy and will not be accepted by us; we will condemn it."

Details: Instead, Peskov claimed that Russian investigators "are working very hard and thoroughly to record all the crimes of the Kiev [sic] regime".

Previously: The National Assembly of France [the lower house of French parliament – ed.] adopted a "very powerful" resolution in support of Ukraine and urged the world for the establishment of a special tribunal for the Russian President and his inner circle for the crimes of aggression against Ukraine and beyond it.

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