Kremlin issues executive order that could require Wagner mercenaries to take loyalty oath to Russia

The Kremlin issued an executive order that could require members of the Wagner Group to take an oath to Russia Friday.

The order comes in the wake of the apparent death of Wagner Group mercenaries head Yevgeny Prigozhin earlier this week. Russia reportedly has been working to dismantle the group ever since its failed mutiny against the Kremlin two months ago.

“The oath to the State Flag of the Russian Federation shall be administered to people joining volunteer units and other persons contributing to fulfilling the objectives of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation,” according to a post on the Kremlin’s website.

The post also specifies the order applies to “other troops, military units and bodies as per the Federal Law On Defence, and taking part in the special military operation; those employed by state enterprises established as per the law setting forth a special legal framework regulating the circulation of arms and security; and persons involved in territorial defence.”

The “special military operation” referred to in the post appears to reference the terminology Russian President Vladimir Putin initially used to refer to the Russia-Ukraine war.

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