Kremlin sends FSB agents to search for Ukrainian partisans in Kherson Oblast, Kyiv says

Occupants are trying to increase their influence in Kherson region
Occupants are trying to increase their influence in Kherson region

Russia has dispatched Federal Security Service (FSB) agents to temporarily occupied areas of Kherson Oblast to search for Ukrainian partisans, Ukraine’s National Resistance Center reported on Jan. 7.

The report indicates that Russian forces are trying to strengthen their influence in Kherson Oblast by sending so-called "ideologists" there.

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“Since control over this region is key to ensuring logistics on the temporarily occupied Crimean Peninsula, the Kremlin sent another batch of FSB employees there,” the NRC said.

The center noted that Russia’s goal with this move is likely to intensify the searches of residents' homes. The occupation “authorities” will pay special attention to checking personal documents, particularly of those citizens who, in their opinion, do not support Russian policy and the Kremlin's aggression against Ukraine.

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The occupiers also try to force Ukrainian citizens to apply for Russian passports, according to the statement.

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The NRC added that the activity of the Ukrainian underground in the region is "very strong," so the Russians aim to identify local resistance members.

“Also, FSB employees provide additional security for collaborators in management bodies and persons involved in the organization and conduct of the ‘election process’ in occupied territories,” the message said.

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