Kremlin threatens to destroy any future Bayraktar plant in Ukraine

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Dmitry Peskov
Dmitry Peskov

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“Creating such an military object, which will be immediately demilitarized, will only prolong the suffering,” said Peskov, commenting on a report that land for a Bayraktar drone production plant in Ukraine has already been bought.

Peskov said the plant’s construction would not interfere with the plans of Russian invasion forces to seize Ukraine, but only prolong the war.

Meanwhile, Turkish company Baykar Makina, the maker of the Bayraktar TB2 drone, says it has already developed the design of the plant itself and intends to implement it by the end of 2022.

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Ukraine has been using Bayraktar TB2 drone with great success in its battles against Russian invasion forces. The drone was reportedly used in the operation to sink the Russian Black Sea flagship the Moskva in April, when it was used as a decoy for Russian radar as Ukraine attacked with Neptune anti-ship missiles.

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At the same time, Russia has had to turn to another pariah state – Iran – for supplies of drones for its invading forces.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin also tried to negotiate cooperation with Baykar Makina, as previously announced by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, but the company's executive director Haluk Bayraktar said he would never allow the sale of his drones to Russia, as he fully supports Ukraine.

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