Kremlin wants to introduce martial law and ban men from leaving the country

SATURDAY, 24 SEPTEMBER 2022, 19:58

The Kremlin is discussing the possibility of introducing martial law and banning men from leaving the country. Russian President Vladimir Putin will deliver an address to the Federal Assembly on 30 September in the same way he did in 2014.

Source: Meduza, quoting the Russian media outlet Verstka

Details: According to information from Verstka’s sources in the Russian parliament, Putin's address to the Federal Assembly will be delivered on 30 September by analogy with 2014, when Russia unlawfully annexed Crimea.

This means that members of parliament and senators will probably assemble in the Kremlin’s St George Hall, where Putin will inform them of the results of the sham referendums held in the occupied territories. This will be followed by the signing of an "agreement" on the "accession" of those territories. Alternatively, Putin may go to the State Duma [the lower house of the Federal Assembly of Russia - ed.].

The possibility of introducing martial law is also being discussed in the Kremlin currently. According to Verstka’s sources, this could happen if Ukraine continues to attack the so-called accessed territories, that is, the Russian-occupied Ukrainian territories where sham referendums on joining Russia are to be fabricated.

Two sources close to the Kremlin called the plan to introduce martial law "undesirable, but possible".

Furthermore, according to one of the sources, the ban on leaving Russia for men that are subject to conscription may be announced even before Putin's address, because the government views the flood of men leaving the country as "alarming".

This plan will be discussed by the president and representatives of parliament and the government at the beginning of the week, and that is when the final decision will be made.

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