Kremlin's response to Biden's negotiation conditions: Russians will not leave Ukraine

The Kremlin is not prepared to accept the conditions for negotiations with Washington that US President Joe Biden put forward on 1 December; namely, Russia has no plans to withdraw its troops from the territory of Ukraine.

Source: Kremlin-aligned news outlet RIA Novosti; Telegram channel Vy slushali mayak [You have been listening to Radio Mayak - ed.], posting Peskov’s comment

Quote from Peskov, press secretary of the Russian President: "You have quoted only part of Joe Biden’s statement. It included a few more sentences. He said that first, Putin needs to leave Ukraine. He believes that this should demonstrate that Putin is ready for negotiations.

The US, as before, does not recognise the new territories in the Russian Federation, and of course this significantly complicates the search for solid ground for mutual discussion."

Details: According to Peskov, Putin "always has been, is and will be open for negotiations in order to ensure Russia’s interests".

Peskov added, "It was the President of the Russian Federation who tried to initiate negotiations based on drafts prepared [by Russia - ed.] with the USA, NATO and OSCE even before the special military operation."

Peskov pointed out that this "initiative by the Russian Federation was not reciprocated".

"The special military operation is ongoing. That said, it is important to note that President Putin always has been, is and will be open for contact and negotiation. The best way to achieve our interests is by peaceful diplomatic means," Peskov summed up.

Background: US President Joe Biden has stated that he does not intend to speak with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin at the moment, but he will be prepared to do so if the latter shows real interest in ending the war he started in Ukraine; that is, if he withdraws his troops from Ukraine.

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