Kristin Cavallari reflects on ‘toxic’ marriage to ex Jay Cutler and why she hopes he remarries

Kristin Cavallari is opening up about the end of her marriage to retired NFL player Jay Cutler and why she feels they had a “toxic” relationship.

The Laguna Beach alum admitted that she ignored the “red flags” in her marriage during a recent episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast. Despite their eventual divorce, she still hopes the best for her ex-husband, with who she shares three children.

While speaking with podcast host Alex Cooper, Cavallari admitted she briefly called off her engagement to the ex Chicago Bears quarterback in 2011 because she couldn’t “ignore red flags.”

“I called off the engagement the same reason I got divorced – same reasons, I should say,” the reality television star said. “I guess if there’s any take away from that is you can’t ignore red flags. People don’t change and you’ve got to trust your gut.”

Cavallari, 35, and Cutler, 39, were engaged after just eight months of dating. While the Balancing in Heels author briefly called off their wedding, the two eventually tied the knot in 2013. The former couple welcomed their first child, a son named Camden, in 2012. In 2014, Cavallari gave birth to their second son, Jaxon, and their daughter Saylor in 2015.

Eventually, the two called it quits in April 2020 after seven years of marriage. Cavallari explained during the podcast episode that, although nothing “major happened” in their marriage to cause the divorce, she “just kind of knew” that it was time to end their relationship.

“It’s the scariest thing. It’s also the saddest thing, but it can also be the best thing,” she said. “I was really unhappy and that was the bottom line. I was in an unhealthy relationship and so that, to me, is not worth it.”

The fashion designer also admitted that she also didn’t want her three children to accept their “unhappy” marriage as normal. “I wanted them to see me happy and eventually, not right now, see me with someone who really respects me and treats me the way I need to be treated,” she said.

However, Cavallari also said that she has been hesitant to speak publicly about what was wrong in their marriage for the sake of their children. “Because I have three kids with him, I’m very careful about what I say,” she explained. “That’s their dad and my oldest Googles us now and I just want to be very careful.”

“It was toxic,” she added. “Period, end of story. That’s all I need to say.”

Despite the end of their relationship, Cavallari still wants the best for her ex-husband and the father of her children, including him remarrying. “I hope that he finds someone, I really do,” she revealed. “I want him happy. My kids benefit from that, so I hope he gets remarried.”

“I really value the time I’ve had with everybody. I’ve learned from every relationship I’ve had and I really want all of my exes to be happy and be in a great relationship.”