Krueger: These robocalls are getting out of hand

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My goodness what are we to do about all of these robocalls. The other day we counted and we received a dozen calls.

We normally do not answer any of them but some are from area codes where we either do business or have friends or someone we might know. But they all add up to our own personal intrusion and it is becoming annoying for sure, but the interruption is becoming very, very trying.

There is one caller who is really more than annoying. Someone is using a Cavour number and city and, I'm not exaggerating here, has called more than 20 times this past week. We are sure most of the Robocalls are to sell us car insurance. I suppose I very dumbly asked some site about a quote and it triggered the commotion and caused an undo amount of these irritating phone calls.

The cell phone is a wonderful device. It is especially welcome for we oldsters when we are retired and spend lots of time on social media. It is a well, loved past time for we oldsters to stay in touch with old friends and colleagues.

If you are like the Lovely Mary Ann and I, we run out of things to do on some days and you can usually find this aging writer either at the laptop, I-pad, or cell phone. The cell phone has developed into a real source of entertainment and I find myself staring down at this rather tiny device watching some video about a health device, airplane crashes, military forces and a myriad of other ways to be entertained. But when robocallers enter into the foray they interrupt the flow of what is nice about the cell phone.

Once in a while we do get Robocalls on our house phone but no where near the amount on the cell phone.

We wonder how these money grabbers get our phone number, but then, perhaps they don’t have our number. It could be that they possess devices to use hundreds or even thousands of phone numbers and our number just came up randomly. It really doesn’t matter. Any way you look at this dilemma it is so irritating and so bothersome that nothing can be done.

In one day I erased 23 robocalls. That pretty well tells the story that things are getting out of hand. Can our government help in eradicating this scourge or are we the old consumers to just suck it up?

Oh yes we have registered on the “Do-Not-Call” list and it didn’t slow them down one bit. We have performed other methods also and nothing has helped.

We have experimented with these calls. If you hit the answer button and say nothing they do not talk. Maybe saying hello activates the schpeal. Lately ,if we answer and do say hello, we ask, "are you going to try to take money away from us?” and hang up.

There are few devices among society that offer as much entertainment as cell phone, I-pads, and the almighty internet. They were invented for we oldsters, especially if you enjoyed careers involving lots of old acquaintances.

Nuff Said.

This article originally appeared on Aberdeen News: Krueger: These robocalls are getting out of hand

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