Krumpets' owners add Gold Room, Morrison Mocha and develop brewery plans

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Sep. 3—Editor's Note: The Clinton Herald today is publishing its first set of Progress 2022 stories focusing on changes taking place throughout the Gateway area. The series will be published throughout September.FULTON, Ill. — While the mural that's brought so much color to downtown Fulton from the Fourth Street facade of Krumpets Restaurant & Bakery is now finished, owners Melanie and Manreet Kalyan have been working to expand into the art of beer brewing.

"A lot of people are excited about the things that we're doing," says Manreet Kalyan.

Manreet and his wife, Melanie, own the restaurant and bakery, which has experienced an increase in both local customers and others from outside Fulton since painting of the 32-foot-by-12-foot mural depicting Melanie's profile was started last month.

"It really does resemble her quite well," he said.

While it is finished now, the completion of the piece had been briefly put on hold. Artist Andrew Holt unexpectedly ran out of the green paint needed to add the depiction of grass along the bottom of the mural as well as other smaller details.

Still, "it's almost there," Manreet says, "That's something that will be there for decades, long after we leave this place, and hopefully people still look at it and think 'that's amazing.'"

This is the first mural of this size Holt has ever done, and he says it can even be seen when crossing the North Bridge that carries motorists traveling Iowa 136 over the Mississippi River from Clinton into Fulton.

The imagery and medium of the artwork inconsistent with the oil paint commissions that are his norm have presented Holt with challenges, including days spent painting from the top of a ladder in hot weather.

The Kalyans purchased the building on which he's painting, along with the Krumpets business itself, in November 2021. Around the same time, the Kalyans obtained the lot on the opposite corner of the block where Krumpets is located from the city, with the intent to build a brewery there.

The construction of the brewery was originally slated to begin within 90 days of the purchase. Manreet says complications with lining up the timing of different components of the project, which is named "The Tilted Crown", will instead begin next spring.

With the Great Revivalist Brewery on Clinton's Fourth Avenue South to tentatively open in October, Manreet says he and Melanie are eager to have a complementary business across the river.

Yet another business venture the Kalyans have embarked on is a partnership with Firehouse Coffee to open a drive-through establishment in Morrison, Illinois, along U.S. 30 near the city's post office.

Manreet says that ever since taking ownership of Krumpets, customers have been asking him for a location in Morrison, which is about 15 miles east of Clinton. After seeking out the location and teaming up with a business known for great drinks to go along with the pastries that Krumpets is known for, renovation of the location to suit the new business's needs was under way.

Ideally, Manreet says, the first of October will be opening day for "Morrison Mocha."

Back at Krumpets Restaurant & Bakery in Fulton, the Kalyans are thrilled with the recent renovation of their Gold Room. Accommodating 30 people, the room is mostly being used to house baby showers, bridal showers, and birthday parties.

If interested in reserving the room for an event, call Krumpets at (815) 208-7143.