'Kung Fu' revived with a female lead, mostly Asian cast

The new 'Kung Fu' airing on The CW stars Olivia Liang. Besides a mostly Asian American cast, the series has an Asian American showrunner and executive producer, Christina M. Kim. Half of its writers are also women. (April 7)

Video Transcript


- To truly master kung fu, you must find peace. Peace with your family.

- Peace and my family don't really go together.

OLIVIA LIANG: When I started off in the industry, people would ask me why martial arts wasn't on my resume. Because it was such a typecast for Asians to do martial arts roles. And so I made a promise to myself. I was like, I am never learning martial arts until someone pays me to learn martial arts.

And fast forward to now, I get to be on "Kung Fu," and now I get to learn martial arts. And this sport is the hardest thing I've ever put my body through. At our final audition, in front of the studio and the network, it was a room full of Asian people in the waiting room, you know? To be on this show. And that was so amazing to see.

And just the camaraderie that came out of that, because some of us were already friends. Because the world is so small, in terms of Asian actors. We were all just rooting for each other, you know? One person would go in, finish their audition, come out. We'd get into a group hug and be like, "You did it!" And it was-- it was a real sense of, even if it's not me, thank goodness it's going to be one of us. Thank goodness this is getting made, because we need this.

- Kung Fu.