Kurt Russell plays Santa with family in mind

Kurt Russell says he kept both his father's influence and his grandchildren's bragging rights in mind when he reprised his role as Santa Claus in upcoming holiday movie "The Christmas Chronicles 2." (Dec. 1)

Video Transcript

- Sometimes I think you actually enjoy these dangerous escapades.

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GOLDIE HAWN: Mrs. Claus and Santa, we all grew up with them. She had little glasses on, made cookies, and had like a crazy hat on. And was, you know, a little overweight. I don't want to be the one that continues to bring him his slippers. I mean, it's just not the way women are today. It's not how we're seeing the evolution, really, of a male-female relationship or the way women are in the world. So now this is a new woman, and it's developed into actually a female that had some gravitas. She had some purpose.

KURT RUSSEL: You know, as an actor, there's certain roles that you have to wait to be a certain age, really, to play. For me, one of those is-- it's a wonderful opportunity-- would be Santa Claus. He was huge in our family. And my dad's presence in that was-- well, I'd sort of dedicate this to him. Because this is what I grew up with.

Welcome to the North Pole.

We have six grandkids, and for quite a while yet to come, and then for their children and then their children, there's a period of time when those kids can go to school and say, well, my grandmother and grandfather are Mrs. Claus and Santa, OK? So top that.

A day that brings joy to children all over the world. And that will never change!