How the Kushner Peace Plan Overturned Israeli Strategy

Paul R. Pillar

The Trump administration plan for Israel and the Palestinians, spearheaded by Donald Trump’s adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner, has been widely recognized as a plan that lacks “peace.” Real peace plans entail compromises between the two parties that have been feuding; these plans can be modified through further negotiation between those parties and aimed at satisfying the minimum requirements of both parties. They are not an endorsement of nearly everything that one party to the dispute wants while shoving aside the other party and its interests, which is what the Trump White House’s proposal does.

Just as “peace” is a misnomer for the plan, so, too, is “state” an inaccurate label for the Palestinian entity that the plan describes. Rather, it would be a fractured Bantustan, not much more empowered than today’s Palestinian Authority, remaining under the security yoke of the conquering power that surrounds it. And even that entity probably would never come into existence, since it is predicated on the Palestinians meeting numerous conditions almost impossible to meet and with Israel the judge of whether those conditions have been met. For an especially trenchant and comprehensive dissection of the entire plan, see Daniel Levy’s two analyses of it.

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