Kuwait donates $300 mn humanitarian aid to Iraq, Yemen

Displaced Yemeni children -- who fled fighting between Huthi rebels and pro-regime militiamen -- carry humanitarian aid outside their temporary shelter in Sirwah, on May 11, 2015 (AFP Photo/) (AFP/File)

Kuwait City (AFP) - Kuwait is to send $300 million in humanitarian aid to conflict-hit neighbours Iraq and Yemen, the foreign ministry announced Wednesday.

The oil-rich Gulf state will send $200 million to Iraq and $100 million to Yemen "amidst a humanitarian crisis in the region", said the ministry's international organisations head Jassem al-Mubaraki, quoted by state news agency KUNA.

Fierce battles have been raging in Iraq between Islamic State jihadists and the army backed by Shiite militia.

Yemen has been under Saudi-led air strikes targeting Shiite Huthi rebels and forces loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.