Kyiv coffee shop battles on by defying power cuts

STORY: "Due to the power outages, about 70 percent of people that come here turn around and leave when they learn that we only serve tea and filter coffee and don't have (WiFi) internet," Pavlenko said as he served youngsters working and studying on their laptops on Wednesday (November 30).

His generator can produce electricity for ten to twelve hours a day when fuelled with 20 liters of gasoline.

Pavlenko says that the generator doesn't produce enough power to simultaneously run his espresso machine and customers' laptops which is why he only serves tea and filter coffee, boiling water on a portable gas stove.

However, his cafe remains a worthwhile destination for residents that don't have the same amenities at home, as he offers plug sockets and warmth.

Despite the city's precarious situation, most eateries and businesses have managed to purchase fuel generators, making their monotonous humming and the smell of petrol an ever-present feature of Kyiv this winter.