Kyiv mayor reveals how many people are living in Kyiv now and whether there will be a New Year celebration

More than 3 million people are currently in Kyiv overnight, about 350,000 of whom are internally displaced.

Source: Vitalii Klychko, Mayor of Kyiv, on a 24-hour news broadcast

Quote: "Just over 3 million people spend the night in our city, and many more come in from the oblast during the day. Of the 3 million who spend the night there, 350,000 are internally displaced persons. That is, one in ten people in our city are people from other regions looking for support."

Details: The presenter also asked the mayor whether New Year celebrations are planned in Kyiv and whether a Christmas tree will be put up in the city centre.

Quote: "First of all, we have to start with security - that’s the key issue. No one will cancel New Year and Christmas. But as for celebrations... I’m sure everyone can celebrate with their family. But there will 100% be no large-scale celebrations.

As for the Christmas tree, we’re looking into having a Christmas tree right now. Closer to the New Year, we’ll be able to be more specific."

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