Kyiv Oblast reveals details of Liut (Fury) Brigade's training

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Members of the Liut (Fury) Assault Brigade of Ukraine’s National Police, which is part of the recently established Offensive Guard, are currently training at one of the training grounds in Kyiv Oblast. The Kyiv Oblast State Administration shared photos from the training.

Source: Kyiv Oblast State Administration

Details: The Kyiv Oblast State Administration said that there are several women among the brigade’s newcomers. During peacetime, some were doctors, some were entrepreneurs, and one was a mixed martial arts practitioner.


Dmytro Nazarenko, Acting Head of the Kyiv Oblast State Administration, and Andrii Niebytov, Head of Ukraine’s National Police, were present during the training. They observed practical classes on shooting and tactical medicine and a class on the theory of weapon handling.

The training consists of three phases: general military, specialised, and group work.


Quote from Nazarenko: "In Kyiv Oblast, [new members] are actively joining all eight Offensive Guard brigades. Before joining the country’s defence forces, each newcomer undergoes a medical examination and a training course. I have personally observed this process in action in the Liut (Fury) Brigade. I was reassured that the volunteers are highly motivated and physically fit."


More details: The Kyiv Oblast State Administration said that Ukrainian citizens can join the National Guards, National Police and State Border Guards Service brigades – Stalevyi Kordon (Steel Border), Chervona Kalyna (Red Guelder Rose), Liut (Fury), Rubizh (Boundary), Spartan, Kara-Dag (named after a mountain in Crimea), Burevii (Storm) and Azov – choosing among them one that they feel particularly drawn to.

The oblast state administration also shared the addresses of the Kyiv Oblast Administrative Services Centres, where volunteers can sign up to join the brigades.


Background: In early February, Ukraine announced the creation of eight assault brigades as part of the new Offensive Guard set up in preparation for the liberation of Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts, and Crimea, from the Russian occupation.

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