Kyiv ravers escape horrors of war through music

STORY: This is a rave in the Ukrainian city of Kyiv.

It's a chance to let loose and, for a moment, forget about the war.

"I think that this can give people who went through very tragic experiences a certain feeling of freedom. And a feeling that life actually goes on and will be beautiful."

This is the new reality for those in Ukraine's electronic music scene.

Before the Russian invasion, Kyiv was fast becoming a top European nightlife destination.

Now, the 11 PM wartime curfew has meant raves in the daytime.

And people are forced to shelter when air raid sirens go off.

Still, DJ Garik Pledov says the events remind people of what’s at stake.

"Defenders - people who serve in the Ukrainian Armed Forces - are in our line-ups and attend our parties. After our events, they come up to us to thank us for maintaining this peaceful vibe in the cities. They say that whenever they get the chance to return, they can, at least for a few days, party and really feel it. In these moments, they understand what they're fighting for."

And there are other, not-so-subtle elements of catharsis, too.

At one point, the crowd pummels a barrel painted with Russian flags.

"I think that when we win the war, Kyiv will shoot skyward like a rocket... Although I don't know how great that analogy is. I think there will be a big push for the culture."