Kyle Busch after John Hunter Nemechek win: ‘Pretty cool to come home one, two’

Kyle Busch checks in after John Hunter Nemechek wins at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Kyle Busch Motorsports finishes in first and second place at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Video Transcript

KYLE BUSCH: I mean, it's perfect. it's-- it's all you can ask for. It's everything. You know? And it's cool to see the Ford truck in victory lane. It's cool to see John Hunter have a shot and get back in victory lane. And you know, having-- having Eric Philips back and all the guys that have come on board this year and doing all the stuff that we're accustomed to doing and getting back running up front, and you know, seeing both of us be able to share in that and have that speed-- that Ford truck was fast. I mean, even on them short runs, I couldn't run with him. But after about 8 or 10, I felt like I had a better shot of running with them. But we just didn't have the laps there at the end, and my stuff was burning up by the time I got there.

So we're fortunate enough to finish second. But you always want to win. So thanks to Cessna Beechcraft, Rowdy Energy, TRD Toyota, Rowdy Manufacturing, everybody that worked so hard back at KBM to get us here and to this spot. So you know, it's pretty cool to come home 1, 2. We've had a few of those in our history. It's-- we need to get some 1, 2, 3s, I guess. So we'll get on the other boy.

- Well, Kyle, you've developed, and you continue to, a lot of young drivers. You wanted to get a veteran. And at 23 years old, John Hunter is that guy. But what does that mean moving forward, having him with the kids?

KYLE BUSCH: Well, I mean, we'll see. I don't know. Maybe he'll win 8 or 10 races, and he'll get back upstairs. You know? So who knows what will happen? But it's just cool to-- to have a guy that is motivated and has the leadership. I mean, all the kids are motivated. They all want to run good. They all want to win. But John Hunter's been there, done that. He's won Xfinity, and he's run Cup. And he's won with his own team with his dad, you know, in the truck series. So it's cool to just have somebody that can showcase our trucks, our speed up front. And each and every week, I mean, shoot, their worst finish so far this year is a sixth or a seventh or something. So I'm excited about John Hunter for this year.