Kyle Lewis comes with a lot of risk for managers

Chris Crawford explains that while Kyle Lewis will provide managers with a boost in power the M's outfielder comes with a lot of risk.

Video Transcript

CHRIS CRAWFORD: Kyle Lewis was a unanimous rookie of the year selection for his work in the shortened 2020 season and looked like he had a chance to someday develop into a fantasy star. Unfortunately, the injury bug has prevented him from being on the field much of the last two seasons and he wasn't able to make his debut in 2022 until May 24. It didn't take long for him to remind folks of his talent, however, as he homered in back to back games and has a 0.979 OPS in his first four games back.

So the question now for fantasy managers is now that Lewis is back for Seattle, is it time to add him back to your lineups? That's a tricky one and it's really going to depend on where you need help on your roster. The power is legit and Lewis looks locked into a DH role with the M's that should allow him to have a 30 plus homer rate with the club.

That being said, he was never someone who was likely to hit for average and the injury history has ravaged him of his speed. Stolen bases are not going to happen. Those Looking for a boost in round trippers should consider Lewis, but be prepared to take some hits, or lack thereof, elsewhere. There's a lot of risk with this reward.