Kyle Lowry And DeMar DeRozan Continue To Be Adorable With Each Other


Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan are teammates, not just on the Toronto Raptors, but on the 2016 NBA All-Star Team. It’s a wonderful accomplishment for the two to share in together, made all the sweeter by the fact that they’re close friends who are adorable together. I mean, look at this celebratory Instagram Lowry shared:

And it’s not just a cute picture (though it’s really cute — look at the little flourish of lines around the DAP!), it’s also filled with inside jokes. That 2+1=3 failed hashtag? That’s in reference to when Lowry had to correct DeRozan’s basic arithmetic skills earlier in the season.

In addition to the fact that Lowry gives the best look of incredulity, you can see their friendship oozing out of the screen. Even when Kyle’s correcting DeMar’s math, he can barely keep a straight face (and neither could we). And the next hashtag, regarding a certain frozen McDonald’s treat, is a reference to the pair’s tradition of late night dessert runs, and this particular amazing story the two told to Dan Le Batard:

And the cute friendship doesn’t stop there — in fact, it gets way better. Like when Lowry was giving postgame interviews recently and DeRozan stopped by to let Kyle know he was heading home, which legitimately bummed Kyle out! Aww.

Stay tuned for more Adventures in Friendship with Kyle and DeMar.