Kyle Van Noy Not Worried About Rejoining Patriots After Trash-Talking Team Last Year

Kyle Van Noy is back with New England, and doesn't seem to worried about smoothing things over with Cam Newton and others after things got a bit chippy between the Patriots and Dolphins last season.

Video Transcript

KYLE VAN NOY: You know, I-- I want to talk to Cam. I mean, I feel like me and-- me and Cam have similar mindset, and that's to win. And I'm excited to work with him. I've heard nothing but good things.

I think everybody's gonna be excited after, hopefully, we have dinner-- and I'll pay for it-- [LAUGHS] and just get to know each other better. And I think it-- it's-- it was-- is a good rivalry. It's-- we know they-- everybody knows everybody. People [? play ?] [? it ?] on both sides. So it's gonna be-- it's gonna be good.