Kylie Jenner's driver's license photo is quite simply the least relatable thing ever

Kylie Jenner did something many 22-year-olds would never have the guts to attempt — she shared her driver’s license photo on Instagram. Of course, the billionaire beauty mogul does not have the typical awkward, frazzled look that so many other drivers have in their pictures. It’s basically a glamour shot. Of course, it’s not surprising — the Kardashian-Jenner family has been known to turn mundane moments into fabulous photoshoots. Why did she choose this moment in time to show off photo identification, though. No one is sure. But fans did have thoughts about the snap in general. “Kylie Jenner’s license photo, screams ‘LIFE IS UNFAIR!’ for some reason,” one Twitter user wrote. “Boredom level: Kylie Jenner posting her driver’s license pic on Instagram,” another joked. Jenner’s boredom in isolation might have inspired her post, but we’ll be keeping all government-issued identification photos to ourselves at this time, thanks