LA Baby Cooperative gives out free diapers and wipes every weekend

The LA Baby Cooperative in Koreatown is trying to make it a little easier during the pandemic for moms.

Video Transcript

SOPHIE FLAY: The sound of stroller wheels fills the corner of Francis and Westmoreland Avenue every Saturday. About 60 moms line up here to collect free diapers and wipes for their children.

IRENE MONTANTES: Most of the moms that come to our distribution are low income, no income, majority of them are migrants.

SOPHIE FLAY: Irene Montantes started this organization LA Baby Cooperative in February of 2020 right as the pandemic began.

IRENE MONTANTES: In the beginning, it was really hard to come to the distribution and be able to go home and feel happy.

SOPHIE FLAY: Diapers and wipes usually aren't given out for free, which can cause a lot of stress for those struggling right now. That's why the LA County Department of Mental Health has teamed up with the LA Baby Cooperative this month as part of the WE RISE LA campaign.

ROBIN GARCIA: Many of the moms who come here have suffered lots of different kinds of social stresses during the pandemic, mental health issues in terms of depression.

SOPHIE FLAY: Women like Karla Andino have been coming to the Francis community garden every week since this giveaway started. She lost her job as a stylist almost one year ago.


INTERPRETER: This is a really beautiful thing in my life. This foundation has helped me heal internally as well, and providing these resources has helped me grow internally.

SOPHIE FLAY: Each person gets about 35 diapers, a bag of wipes, and automatically is signed up for next week's distribution.

IRENE MONTANTES: We want to be able to teach the community that they have a support system, and that we can help each other through crisis like what we've experienced during the pandemic and being able to help each other heal.

SOPHIE FLAY: In Koreatown, Sophie Flay, ABC 7 Eyewitness News.