LA County Could Qualify For Yellow Tier Tuesday, Allowing Bars To Reopen Indoor Operations

Los Angeles County could qualify to move into the yellow and least-restrictive tier of California’s coronavirus reopening blueprint Tuesday. Tina Patel reports.

Video Transcript

SUZANNE MARQUES: There's some welcome news in the fight against the coronavirus, as LA County may qualify for the least restrictive yellow tier as soon as this afternoon. CBS 2's Tina Patel is live in Studio City with what this could mean. Good morning, Tina.

TINA PATEL: Good morning, Suzanne. We are expecting the latest COVID numbers to come out around midday, and we do think that LA County will qualify for that least restrictive yellow tier. That means that bars like this one could reopen indoors. Take a look at the specifics.

Capacity at bars would be limited to 25% in the yellow tier. Other indoor businesses, like gyms, would see their capacity rise to 50%. They'd also be able to reopen saunas and steam rooms. Amusement parks would be able to increase attendance to 35%, and outdoor sports venues and live events could go up to 67%.

BARBARA FERRER: There will still be rules around distancing, masking, and infection control. So that part won't go away. But we will be aligning fairly significantly with the direction the state is moving in.

TINA PATEL: Dr. Ferrer says if we get the go ahead from the state today, the county health order would be revised tomorrow. The new rules would go into effect on Thursday. That would give business owners some time to prepare. As we come back out here live, it's pretty remarkable when you think about the fact that just a few months ago, we were in that most restrictive red tier. Cases were surging. Public health officials say we are doing everything right, but they say we need to keep it up so we can continue to move in this direction. We'll send it back to you.