LA County officials warn of spring surge

Los Angeles County health officials are warning that spring break and religious holidays present a danger of greater transmission of COVID-19.

Video Transcript

- With still over two weeks to go until all Californians 16 and older can get vaccinated, there are now worries about a new surge. Spring Break is about to begin, and combined with Easter and Passover, there is growing concern COVID-19 cases could rise. 22 states have reported increases in the last week alone. While vaccine distribution is ramping up, it still won't be enough to meet the demand, especially in California as more Californians, those 50 and older, will become eligible next week.


- There will undoubtedly be a rush. Come April 1, we estimate somewhere between 800,000 and a million additional people will now become eligible.

- LA County is approaching 4 million doses given so far, with 31% of county adults receiving at least one dose, but supply continues to be a challenge. And now, FEMA is planning on shutting down one of the county's largest vaccination sites, as Cal State LA-- at Cal State LA, I should say-- shutting that down April 11.