LA County Prepares For Thursday Move Into Least-Restrictive Yellow Tier

Los Angeles County has qualified to move into the least-restrictive yellow tier of California’s coronavirus reopening blueprint.

Video Transcript

- Now to a major milestone in our local road to recovery over covid-19, LA is now moving to the least restrictive yellow tier. And as KCAL 9's Chris Holmstrom reports tonight, LA is the only Southern California County moving forward.

CHRIS HOLMSTROM: More than a year after the pandemic, things are slowly getting back to normal. It's exciting news for Ryan Windish and his crew at Boomtown Brewery in downtown LA.

RYAN WINDISH: Our business usually is 400, 500 people inside.

CHRIS HOLMSTROM: Obviously, they've had to adjust to COVID safety guidelines but thankfully, they were able to stay in business.

RYAN WINDISH: We were able to really help out and make sure that the to-go sales were huge. That kind of kept us going the entire time. And now that we're reopening, people are starting to feel a lot more comfortable being here.

CHRIS HOLMSTROM: Here's a breakdown of what the yellow tier means, starting Thursday, cardrooms, wineries, breweries, and gyms can increase indoor capacity to 50%. Management at the Burbank Fitness Club say they are ready. In fact, they've increased their cleaning staff and upgraded their air filtration system.

- It would be fantastic be able to double what we're currently doing.

CHRIS HOLMSTROM: Bars like North end and Hollywood can finally open its doors at 25%. And outdoor venues like Dodger Stadium can increase capacity to 67% and amusement parks 35%. But with reopenings comes anxiety for some people. Clinical and forensic neuropsychologist Dr. Judy Ho--

JUDY HO: We recognize that some anxiety during this time of transition is absolutely normal. Everybody is a little out of practice with true social connection in a very comfortable way. And you're wondering what's OK and what's safe and what's not.

CHRIS HOLMSTROM: Dr. Ho says start out by doing something new every day because what makes anxiety worse is avoiding everything that you're afraid of.

JUDY HO: Ask yourself what you used to love doing. Did you love going to the museum? Did you love a specific store at the mall? While challenge yourself again being safe to do that in these next weeks as things open up. And it'll also give you something to look forward to even if there is a little bit of anxiety and stress that comes along with it too.

CHRIS HOLMSTROM: And LA County is the only County in Southern California moving forward, but it's also important to note that you must still wear your mask. Chris Holmstrom KCAL 9 News.