LA County vaccine appointments up for grabs? Blame scheduling

COVID-19 vaccination appointments -- often a hot commodity in Los Angeles County -- appeared widely available Thursday, but the county's public health director said it was likely the result of scheduling issues, not a sign of dwindling demand.

Video Transcript

- Vaccine appointments appear to be widely available in LA County. Eyewitness News reporter, John Gregory, is live in the newsroom with the story. John.

JOHN GREGORY: Several appointment slots were open yesterday, but the health department is saying it was likely the result of scheduling issues and not necessarily a sign of dwindling demand. This comes as eligibility just opened up a few days ago to people 50 years and older. The county says there's currently 5.5 people ineligible-- 5.5 million people ineligible groups have not received their first doses yet. LA County Public Health Director, Barbara Ferrer, said that even if there's a sudden wave of available appointments, it doesn't mean the county should immediately expand eligibility to everyone aged 16 and over, which is scheduled to occur a week from today.

BARBARA FERRER: One of the dilemmas here, which is that we're-- we're still struggling to be able to actually release appointments ahead of time. And many of us really are still only able to release appointments a couple of days in advance of when those appointments are-- you know, when people can go and get vaccinated. We're really trying to work hard to get sort of a smoother forecast moving forward.

JOHN GREGORY: Now, roughly three million people in LA County have already received at least one dose. And by the end of this week, the county will have 400,000 more doses in their supply chain. So, supply is building up.