La Grande weather to be cooler than average

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Aug. 23—LA GRANDE — Relatively cool weather is in the forecast for Union and Wallowa counties over the next three days.

The National Weather Service is forecasting highs in La Grande of 78 degrees on Tuesday, Aug. 24, followed by 79 degrees on Aug. 25 and 76 degrees on Aug. 26.

All of the forecast highs are solidly below the averages for this time of year in La Grande. The average high on Aug. 24 is 83.6 degrees, the average for Aug. 25 is 83 degrees and the average for Aug. 26 is 84.3 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

The low temperatures forecast for La Grande is 49 degrees on Aug. 24, 51 degrees on Aug. 25 and 50 degrees on Aug. 26. The average low temperature is 49 degrees in La Grande for Aug. 24, 51 degrees on Aug. 25 and 50 degrees on Aug. 26.

The forecast highs for Enterprise are 75 degrees on Aug. 24, 76 degrees on Aug. 25 and 73 degrees on Aug. 26. The projected low temperatures for Enterprise are 40 degrees on Aug. 24, 41 degrees on Aug. 25 and 76 degrees on Aug. 26.

The cool weather is due to a low pressure system over Northeastern Oregon that is drawing in colder air from the east Pacific Ocean, said Rob Brooks, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Pendleton.

Smoke from wildfires is expected to continue to be blown out of the region by winds that are predicted to continue sweeping over Northeastern Oregon the next few days.

"They are helping to scour the smoke out," Brooks said.

The meteorologist stressed there is no guarantee that new smoke from wildfires won't be blown into this corner of the state over the next three days due to the unpredictable nature of fire activity.

"We can not forecast wildfires," he said.

IQAir, a website that monitors air quality, is projecting that La Grande and Enterprise will have good air quality on Aug. 24 and Aug. 25.

Dick Mason is a reporter with The Observer primarily covering the communities of North Powder, Imbler, Island City and Union, education, Union County veterans programs and local history. Dick joined The Observer in 1983, first working as a sports and outdoors reporter.

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