LA ramps up efforts to vaccinate underserved community

Droves of people lined up outside the Kedren Community Health Center in South Los Angeles Friday as the city and health center partnered to get shots into the arms of Angelenos in an underserved community.

Video Transcript

JOHN GREGORY: Well, it's being described as a pioneering vaccine distribution model that could help save some lives. A local doctor has come up with a way to get shots into the arms of people in one of the city's most underserved communities. Eyewitness News reporter, Sid Garcia, is live at Kedren Health in South LA with details. Hi, Sid.

SID GARCIA: Good morning, John. How are you? Yeah, it's basically filling up a fleet of mobile vaccination cars, if you will, to go out into the neighborhood to get people the much-needed vaccine. This place has been providing underserved communities now in South LA, and with the governor announcing that he's going to expand the eligibility, well, this is just another way to get more vaccines into the arms of Angelenos. Take a look.

The line this morning went around the block, as you can see it from Air 7. Most have appointments. Others are in a separate line, waiting for what could be quite a while to get vaccinated. The city and the health center are partnering up to create a mobile fleet to get the vaccinations out to those who can't make it here, but live in this community.

Honda is donating a minivan to help in this effort. With more people becoming eligible to be vaccinated in the coming weeks, there's an even stronger effort to get those in underserved areas of the city of Los Angeles their first and their second shots.

- We know this vaccine saves lives. It has 100% efficacy of keeping you out of the ICU and of dying. So get your family vaccinated. Keep who you love safe.

SID GARCIA: And behind me, just some of the people here who have been waiting a while to get vaccinated. Kedren has been vaccinated folks in this neighborhood now for a few weeks, and they're saying by the end of business today, by 5 o'clock today, they will have handed out at least 90,000 doses of the vaccine.