LA, New York, Dallas top US cities ranking for tourism and business

Los Angeles

After examining everything from the number of Fortune 500 HQs in each city, the number of direct flights and rankings on review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp for food and entertainment, a new report has named Los Angeles the top tourism and business destination in the US.

Driving the city’s popularity are the droves of Chinese tourists who are increasingly choosing the City of Angels over its East Coast rival New York thanks in part to an aggressive tourism campaign that aims to bring two million Chinese visitors to the city by 2020.

Last year, LA attracted 570,000 Chinese tourists.

The report also named New York the best destination in categories like food and drink, culture and performance and hotels, while LA was named the best shopping destination.

Here are the top 25 US cities according to Resonance, an international consultancy group based in Vancouver that advises cities and governments on development strategies.

1. Los Angeles
2. New York
3. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
4. Chicago
5. San Francisco
6. Las Vegas
7. San Diego
8. Denver
9. Philadelphia
10. Miami
11. Boston
12. Houston
13. Seattle
14. Portland
15. Orlando
16. Phoenix
17. Washington DC
18. St. Louis
19. Atlanta
20. New Orleans
21. San Antonio
22. Cincinnati
23. Austin
24. Tucson
25. Kansas