'Labor of love' at New York Fashion Week: Men's

Menswear designers debuted their fall/winter 2020 collections at New York Men's Day for New York Fashion Week: Men's on Monday (Feb. 3).

Designer Eden Slezin's Mined on Denim emphasized sustainable fashion and recycled materials like the rubber from bicycle inner tubes.

"Part of sustainability is having fashion that doesn't expire," Slezin said. "My goal was to transform denim and make it something special. And so all the prints and all the textures are hand sanded on. There's no dyes. It's all done by hand. So it's definitely a labor of love."

Timo Weiland, a label by New York-based designers Weiland and Alan Eckstein, played with unexpected combinations of colors from pale pinks to pops of bright yellows and reds.

"Upbeat, not dark, but definitely with an irreverent twist," Weiland said. "You know, definitely with the vitality of, you look at the Doc Martens shoes, which are very punk rock. And the eyewear by Zenni Optical is very much this unexpected silhouettes and shapes and colors. So, but then again, still wearable and kind of our take on uniform dressing."

Veteran designer David Hart used a more neutral color palette from the '60s and '70s.

"I went into my own archive," Hart said. "I pulled old styles and paired them with great vintage pieces that I found around New York and created something that was seamlessly David Hart. The whole idea is to kind of not create anything for one season and kind of be happy with what it is that you have for at least one season and look to the secondary market."

NYFW: Men's runs through Feb. 5.

(Production: Andrew Hofstetter, Roselle Chen)